June 6, 2004 is the 60th Anniversary of the landing in Normandy, which occurred during World War II. An event of great importance that changed the course of the war and of world history.

With D-Day the end of the Third Reich has its beginning. The landing aimed at the liberation of occupied France and threatened the following penetration toward the industrial heart of Germany.

D-Day is one of the most recounted and celebrated military operations of history, also because few others were so important. A complex operation like no other conducted before, with little probability of success and extremely high risks. The disastrous consequences of the operation’s failure could have been multiple, among which was the risk of a unilateral armistice with Russia that, exhausted by long years at war, had submitted alone to the pressure of the armies of the Nazi invasions.

Utah Beach

If the war had lasted longer, perhaps the use of atomic bombs on German cities would have been considered, like what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The moral value of D-Day did not consist only in having gotten closer to the victory of the Allies, but also in having abbreviated the duration of the war and therefore the suffering of the European continent and of the whole world.

With this site I want to recount this military event according to my point of view: it is my personal tribute to the sacrifice of all of those who committed their lives to driving out Nazism and Fascism from Europe.

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